Plast-O-Matic 1/2" PVC EASY-NO Solenoid Valve, Electric Actuated with EPDM Seals

  • Million cycle bubble tight design.
  • Pressure or drain service only.
  • Patented Fail-Dry® vented design.
  • Non-sticking PTFE shaft.
  • All thermoplastic wetted parts
Series EASY-NO solenoid valves are normally-open. They are specifically designed for applications which require that the valves remain in the open position to permit continued flow when intentionally de-energized or when it would be dangerous for valves to close or remain closed in the event of an emergency power failure. Normally-open valves also offer an energy and cost saving consideration if they are required to be open for a large percentage of the time. These valves can be used with corrosive or ultra-pure liquids, and handle pressure or drain applications. They are direct-acting and do not require line pressure to aid in closing and opening. Series EASY-NO valves are spring-return, normally-open and direct-acting with simple push-pull plunger design. There is no minimum pressure required for operation. Multiple U-cups are mounted around a PTFE shaft for low friction sealing, non-sticking operation, and million cycle design. The multiple U-cup design also allows a stock valve to be used for vacuum or pressure. Poppet seat insures bubble-tight shutoff. The patented Fail-Dry® vented design helps to avoid emergency shutdowns by providing a visual warning of potential seal failure. A 24 Watt continuous duty coil is standard. When the coil is energized, the valve closes and will remain closed until the electrical power is removed. Coils are available in general purpose or explosion-proof, water-tight construction. AC voltages are 24, 120 and 240. DC Voltage is 24.

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Type of productSolenoid Valve
Connection TypeFPT
Seal MaterialEPDM
Actuator TypeElectric
Body MaterialPVC
Valve SeriesEASY-NO