Plast-O-Matic 3/4" PVC TMBV 3-Way Ball Valve, Electric Actuated with EPDM Seals

Item #TEBVA5-1-075EPT-PV
  • Direct manual override with visual position indication.
  • Position and motor running lights.
  • Thermally protected motor withstands stall torque.
  • Pre-powered limit switch connection.
  • Pre-assembled to 3-way ball valve; can also be added in the field.
  • True-unions on all ports.
Heavy duty, all plastic actuation package designed to meet NEMA 4 standards installation and Actuation Signal: Wiring diagrams are included; all wiring should conform to local codes. Motor must receive a continuous signal for minimum of 16 seconds. For applications where a momentary signal or one of less than 16 seconds is supplied, a time delay relay can be used; consult factory. Duty Cycle and Thermal Overload: Duty cycle is defined as the percentage of motor on time to the motor off plus motor on time. The TEBV-65 has a duty cycle of 50% with a motor run time of 12 seconds at 60 Hz AC; required off time is 12 seconds. The TEBV-104 has a duty cycle of 20% with a motor run time of 10 seconds at 60 Hz AC; required off time is 40 seconds. For voltages at 50 Hz, motor run time is 14 seconds. These duty cycles are at an ambient temperature of 70°F (21°C). A special gear motor can be supplied if a greater duty cycle is required. Increases in temperature will result in a reduced duty cycle. If duty cycles are exceeded, temperature will rise in the housing and the thermal overload protection will open the electrical circuit when the coil temperature reaches 220°F (105°C). It will automatically close when the temperature drops to an acceptable level. The maximum recommended ambient temperature for Series TEBV is 120°F (49°C), but duty cycle is diminished considerably at this temperature. Manual Override: A manual override is directly linked via a one-way clutch to the valve shaft, allowing positive and rapid positioning of the valve. This eliminates slow manual actuation through actuator gearing, and if the gear train is jammed, the manual override will still function properly. Installation and Actuation Signal: Ball valves are available in Geon® PVC and Corzan® CPVC, with PTFE seats. A 2-hole ball design is standard; it is ideal for applications where flow cannot be mixed. To prevent a momentary no-flow (“dead head”) condition, an optional 3- hole ball is available. Please specify when ordering. Seals are EPDM or FKM. For complete specifications on the 3-way ball valve element, refer to Series TMBV on previous page. Actuator motor is totally contained within a glass-filled polyester housing designed to meets NEMA 4. Housing screws are stainless steel, seals are Buna-N, and override wheel bearings are PTFE. For optional materials, please consult factory.

Type of product3-Way Ball Valve
Connection TypeFPT
Seal MaterialEPDM
Actuator TypeElectric
Body MaterialPVC
Valve SeriesTMBV
Actuator SeriesTEBV