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4" - 6-1/2" Polyurethane Standard Duty Pipe Clamp
Item #200-3140
  • Unique ring design for optimum sealing with less torque required than with flat-faced gaskets
  • Patented laminating process for bonding PTFE to EPDM, which produces greater elasticity as required for lower sealing torques
  • ANSI full-face dimensions
  • EPDM hardness of 65°-66° (Durometer A)
  • Ideal for thermoplastic piping systems
  • High-purity gaskets are shipped cleaned and double bagged
Pipe Accessories/Tools
4" - 6-1/2"
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Channels are manufactured by the cold roll forming method from low carbon strip steel. One side of the channel provides a continuous slot with two lips. The attachment of hardware such as spring nuts, which are toothed, is assured to be secure.
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