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Cutter Wheel, 2/Pack, for 3"-6" PVC, 4" Heavy Wall PVC and CPVC Applications
Item #2PK-3-6PVC
  • Constructed with high shock-resistant tool steel
  • Thin sizing reduces burr
  • Long lasting and breakage resistant
  • For use in 3"-6" PVC, 4" Heavy Wall PVC and CPVC applications
  • Corresponding Reed cutters: TC3Q, TC4Q, TC5Q, and TC6Q
Blade Exposure
0.377" / 9.6mm
Pipe Accessories/Tools
Tool Steel
Reed Manufacturing
2 Pack
Type of product
Cutter Wheel
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All Reed cutter wheels are made from high shock-resistant tool steel, while competitive wheels are made from carbon steel or still lower quality tool steel. By using this higher quality raw material, Reed cutter wheels can be made thinner and can therefore cut pipe more easily and leave less burr. Also, because of their higher quality, certified material, only Reed wheels can be heat-treated for the perfect balance between hardness and toughness to make the wheels resist breakage and last longer.
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