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Weld-On® 714™ Low VOC CPVC Solvent Cement, High Strength, Heavy Body, Medium Set, Orange, Pint
Item #714PO
  • Gray or Orange
  • Heavy bodied, medium-setting, low VOC CPVC solvent cement
  • For all classes of CPVC pipe and fittings with an interference fit through 12"
  • Ideal for fabrication of large fittings and applications requiring high gap filling properties.
  • Suitable for industrial piping, residential, recreational vehicles and mobile home plumbing
  • Slow set time makes this outstanding for large diameter pipe
  • Meets ASTM D 2846 and ASTM F 493 standards and SCAQMD rule 1168/316A
Pipe Accessories/Tools
Product Color
Industrial Polychem
Heavy Body/Medium Set
Type of product
Solvent Cement
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Weld-On® 714™ is an orange or gray, low VOC emission, heavy bodied, medium setting, high strength CPVC solvent cement for all classes and schedules of CPVC pipe and fittings with interference fit through 12" diameter, including Schedule 80. It has good gap filling properties and its medium set allows more working time in warm weather. Weld-On® 714™ is for use on cold and hot water systems up to 180° F maximum, in industrial piping, residential, recreational vehicles and mobile home plumbing. It can be used on copper tube size CPVC pipe and fittings, but FlowGuard Gold® CPVC cement by Weld-On® is recommended for such application. Weld-On® 714™ has a shelf life of two years in a tightly sealed container.
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