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Weld-On® 721™ Low VOC PVC Solvent Cement, High Strength, Medium Body, Fast Set, Blue, 1/2 Pint
Item #7212PB
  • Blue
  • Medium bodied, fast setting, low VOC cement
  • For use on rigid Schedule 40 PVC through 6" diameter and Schedule 80 through 4" in diameter
  • LEED compliant
  • Meets ASTM D 2564 standard and SCAQMD Rule 1168/316A
Pipe Accessories/Tools
Product Color
Industrial Polychem
Medium Body/Fast Set
1/2 Pint
Type of product
Solvent Cement
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Weld-On® 721™ is a blue, low VOC emission, medium bodied, fast setting cement for use on rigid PVC pipe and fittings with an interference fit through 6" (Schedule 40) and 4" (Schedule 80). Suitable as a one step cement without primer on PVC Schedule 40 and SDR pressure piping systems through 4" diameter in irrigation, (gold course, turf and agriculture), pool & spa and non-pressure applications, unless primer is required by local code. Not for use in any other applications without primer. 721™ is available in 1/4 pint, 1/2 pint, pint, quart and gallon metal cans. It is LEED compliant and meets ASTM D 2564 standard and SCAQMD Rule 1168/316A. It has a shelf life of three years in a tightly sealed container.
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