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Duraline™ Recirculating Lab Faucet, Wall Mount, 3/8" Female NPT Inlet, Natural Polypropylene Construction, Virgin PTFE Seal Material, 150 Maximum psi
Item #DL-WDR-2
  • Constructed from natural polypropylene or PVDF
  • Duraline™ control valve for on/off flow operation and precise control
  • Encapulated PTFE shut off seal for constant on/off use
  • Deck or wall mount
  • Compression PTFE stem seal
  • Control valve is completely renewable by replacing the interal cartridge, per SEFA 7-2010-8.2a
Product Color
White with black handle
Meets or exceeds FDA USDA and USP standards
End Connection
Female NPT
Natural Polypropylene
Marquest Scientific
Mounting Configuration
Wall Mount
Pressure Rating
150 psi
Seal Material
Virgin PTFE
Type of product
Recirculating Laboratory Faucet
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The Marquest Scientific recirculating Lab Faucet is designed primarily for use with a recirculating system which incorporates a non-pressurized storage tank or reservoir. The non-pressurized tank provides the pressure drop for the recirculating flow to continue and return via the recirulating tube. Since the water is returned to the tank, it is not actually consumed.

The objective is to provide a constant flow of DI Water when the point-of-use dispense is not being utilized. This will prevent stagnation of the water and subsequent development of bacterial growth. Ideally, the flow rate of the recirculating flow stream is 4.5 feet per second or greater. When utilizing the .125' ID recirculating tube, a flow rate of .2 FPM through the tube will generate a flow velocity of 5.2 feet per second.

Maintaining this flow rate will prevent bacteria and other biomass from adhering to internal surfaces. Lower flow rates are still beneficial over a stagnate system. When piping the recirculating lab faucet in series, a common return line may be used to accept each individual recirculating tube. A small pressure drop down stream of each faucet may be necessary to assure a positive flow through the recirculating system and provide adequate pressure for the main water dispensing.
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