JACO Bulkhead Union Connector, 1/4" Tube, Kynar® Construction, Ferrule Nut with Integral Sleeve

Item #20-4-K-O
  • Good electrical insulating qualities which eliminate electrolytic action that usually corrodes tubing when dissimilar metal meets a fitting
  • Ability to absorb mechanical and acoustical vibrations because of the low density and softness of plastic
  • Inherently low obstruction to flow, due to smooth internal surface
  • Resistance to scale buildup
JACO plastic fittings are available in size ranges from 1/8” through 7/8” tube O.D. in all common figurations, such as union, bulkhead, male and female connectors, male branch and male run tees, tee unions and ferrule nuts. Metric sizes are also available on a special order basis. JACO plastic fittings are constructed of either nylon, acetal copolymer, polypropylene, or polyvinylidene fluoride. JACO fittings are for use with all types of tubing, including: copper, plastic, aluminum and glass. They offer resistance to scale build-up and have an inherently low obstruction to flow, due to their smooth internal surface. Choose from the standard ferrule nut with integral sleeve or the plastic gripper for use with plastic tubing or the stainless steel gripper for use with hard surfaced tubing.

CategoryTubing and Hose
Connection TypeTube
Maximum Recommended Service Temperature- 80 to 275°F
ManufacturerJaco Manufacturing Company
Nut TypeFerrule Nut with Integral Sleeve
Pressure Rating50 psi
Thread Type7/16-20
Type of productBulkhead Union Connector