Series 2750 DryLoc pH/ORP Sensor Electronics

Item #3-2750-7
  • Inline integral mount and submersible installation versions
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Auto configuration for pH or ORP operation
  • Optional EasyCal calibration aid
  • Automatic buffer recognition
  • Junction boxes for convenient wiring
The 2750 is a preamplifier that allows any DryLoc® pH/ORP electrode to work with most Signet instruments. It is also sold as a simple connector for use with other manufacturers instruments that do not require a preamplified signal.The 2750 comes with the same pre-amplified signal as the 2760, but features two different outputs: a two-wire 4 to 20 mA loop output, or a digital (S3L) output which allows for longer cable lengths and is compatible with the Signet 8900 Multi In-line 2750 Parameter Controller. The 2750 devices self-configure for pH or ORP operation via automatic recognition of the electrode type. The optional EasyCal feature allows simple push-button calibration and includes an LED indicator for visual feedback.

Additional Documents:

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Cable Length15'
Contact MaterialGold Plated
Manufacturer+GF+ Signet
Connection Size3/4" NPT
Type of productElectronics for in-line sensor
Connection TypeDryLoc®

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