IPEX Encase, 4" x 8" Polypropylene Double Containment Pipe Spool

Item #318400
  • Pipe and fittings constructed of Schedule 40 polypropylene joined by the Enfusion method
  • Suitable for laboratory and chemical-waste drainage installations
  • Wide temperature range
  • Expansion anchor plates installed on each fitting and pipe length to control expansion
  • Factory fabricated components; on-site fusion of couplings to pipe and fittings
  • Same material inside and out eliminates differential expansion problems and maintainsidentical chemical resistance for the entire piping system
IPEX Encase systems use polypropylene piping, inside and out, for high corrosion resistance over a broad temperature range. At the heart the IPEX patented Encase polypro system is the Enfield electrofusion fitting with a heavy-gauge resistance wire molded into the socket. This microprocessor controlled fusion system lets you make highly consistent joints in minutes – right in the trench. Available in both flame-retardant and non-flame-retardant PP, the Encase systems modular components are entirely pre-fabricated in the factory. The only joining required is the fusion of couplings to pipe and fittings. The result is a premier off-the-shelf system with substantially lower installation costs, compared to traditional technologies.

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Type of productDouble Containment Pipe Spool
Connection TypeEnfusion
End TypeEnfusion
Fitting TypeDouble Containment Pipe Spool
Carrier Pipe Size4"
Containment Pipe Size8"