1/2" Pipe Polypure Natural Polypropylene 16',4" Length 150 psi SDR 11

Item #6301005
  • The pipe has a standard dimensional ratio of SDR 11 and is pressure rated to 150 PSI at 73.4°F for all diameter sizes ½-4”
  • Purity – Seal Clean provides significant reduction in leachables
  • Made from 100% virgin PTFE
  • Seals evenly with low bolt torques
  • High dimensional stability and creep resistance
  • Blowout resistant
  • Exact match to pipe ID with NO GAP
  • Pipe and fittings use a virgin, natural random copolymer polypropylene resin (PPr) for the pipe, fittings and valves
  • PolyPure pipe conforms to the requirements of ASTM S-2837-85 for establishing a hydrostatic design basis.
  • PolyPure systems are specified and installed in a variety of high-purity applications including USP purified water, institutional laboratory and deionized water systems
  • Joining methods: butt fusion, infrared butt fusion, socket fusion, and beaded butt fusion
  • Also available on special order on special order butt fusion probe adaptor with FNPT tap, probe adaptor solid and restraint fittings
The PolyPure® Natural Polypropylene System provides a cost effective alternative for a system up to 4" (110mm). PolyPure® pipe is cleanroom produced. Fittings and valves are also produced in a class 100 cleanroom, then hot DI rinsed and individually packaged. PolyPure® is available in both butt and socket fusion.

Pressure Rating150 psi