Plast-O-Matic 1-1/2" CPVC TMBV 3-Way Ball Valve, Pneumatic Actuated with FKM Seals

  • Rugged thermoplastic construction ideal for corrosive atmospheres.
  • Long cycle life – extensively tested and proven.
  • Lightweight assembly – less piping stress and lower shipping weight.
  • Pre-assembled to 3-way ball valve; can also be added in the field
  • Can be hydraulically actuated.
  • Manual override standard on air x air models and TABVS.
Air x Air models require a 4-way air solenoid valve (Part # 8345G1); Air x Spring models require a 3-way air solenoid valve (Part # 8320G13) to control actuation. Compressed air should be filtered and lubricated. All 3-way Air x Air models have direct override to the ball valve shaft. Series TABVS (Air x Spring 1/2", 3/4", and 1") requires simple loosening of the spring prior to manual override. Series TABRS (Air x Spring 11/2" and 2") should be specified as TABMS if manual override is critical to the application. Ball valves are available in Geon PVC and Corzan CPVC, with PTFE seats. A 3-hole ball design is standard and prevents a momentary no-flow (“dead head”) condition by briefly allowing flow from two ports. If liquids cannot be mixed, please consult factory for 3-way air actuated isolation valve. Seals are available in EPDM or FKM. For complete specifications on the 3-way ball element, please refer to Series TMBV. Actuator is constructed of corrosion resistant thermoplastics. Seals are Buna-N. For optional materials, please consult factory

Type of product3-Way Ball Valve
Connection TypeSocket
Seal MaterialFKM
Actuator TypePneumatic
Body MaterialCPVC
Valve SeriesTMBV
Actuator SeriesTABRS
Pneumatic SetupAir-to-Spring