Plast-O-Matic 1/2" PVC TMBV 3-Way Ball Valve, Pneumatic Actuated with EPDM Seals

  • Actuator Features: Rugged thermoplastic construction ideal for corrosive atmospheres. Long cycle life - extensively tested and proven. Lightweight assembly - less piping stress and lower shipping weight. Pre-assembled to 3-way ball valve. Can be hydraulically actuated. Manual override standard on air x air models, TABVS & TABMS. Each valve and actuator is 100% individually inspected and tested prior to shipment. Valve Features: Reinforced shaft (stem). Dual O-rings on shaft. PTFE thrust bearing on shaft. PTFE seats, pre-energized with O-rings. Trunnion Design -- top and bottom support of ball. Trunnion design allows closed segment of valve to be disconnected under full line pressure, with no danger of blow-out. Valve cannot be piped in backwards. Full concentricity and mirror smoothness of ball assures easy, smooth, leak-proof operation. Dual sliding seats, each with triple O-rings. All three ports are true union for cost, installation time, and space savings. Flow direction indicator on handle.
Valve Design: The ABV- Series is a scotch yoke type design. The ABR- and ABM- Series are rack & pinion type design. The actuator works directly on the ball valve shaft, ball, and bottom trunnion. The bottom trunnion design element is accomplished via a circular thermoplastic sleeve fitted into the bottom hole of the ball. This sleeve locks the ball into the base of the valve, much like the typical trunnion found in the True Blue 2-way valve. After over two decades of proven design superiority, Plast-O-Matic remains the only industrial thermoplastic ball valve manufacturer to employ the trunnion principle. "Blocking" type ball valves, no matter how well designed, will result in uneven strain on the ball and shaft as they are tightened and especially during flow & pressure conditions -- a misaligned ball eventually causes leaks. The trunnion design, on the other hand, assures a perfectly aligned ball. Materials of Construction: Ball valves are available in Geon® PVC and Corzan® CPVC, with PTFE seats. A 3-hole ball design is standard and prevents momentary no-flow ("dead head") condition by briefly allowing flow from two ports. If liquids cannot be mixed, please consult factory for 3-way air actuated isolation valve. Seats are available in EPDM or Viton®. For complete specifications on the3-way ball element, please refer to Series TMBV. Actuator is constructed of corrosion resistant thermoplastics. Seals are Buna-N.

Type of product3-Way Ball Valve
Connection TypeSocket
Seal MaterialEPDM
Actuator TypePneumatic
Body MaterialPVC
Valve SeriesTMBV
Actuator SeriesTABVA
Pneumatic SetupAir-to-Air