2" Pipe Polypropylene Flame Retardent Schedule 40 10'' Length Acid Waste

Item #W002
  • Pipe and fittings made from a green flame retardant FRPP
  • Ideal for Modular systems
  • Heavy duty all thermoplastic fitting designed to be reusable
  • Fittings designed to prevent pipe pull-out and leaks due to misalignment
  • Approved for acid waste applications
  • Available in Schedule 40 and Schedule 80
Labline (Mechanical Joint) has displaced the more expensive and difficult to install glass and metal systems. Gone is the need for fusing, caulking or welding of joints. Joining of the Labline System is complete in just 30 seconds and once the nut is locked into place, the end-user is assured of many years of trouble-free service. Yet, because it is a mechanical joint, the system can be easily dismantled and re-used, making it ideal for modular designs and for systems that may require remodeling in the future.


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