3" Pipe PVDF Flame Retardent Schedule 40 10'' Length

Item #W003P
  • Ideally suited to plenum applications
  • 30-second joint installation time
  • Manufactured from flame-retardant PVDF, which has an operating temperature range from -40°F to 285°F with this high upper temperature limit, Plenumline systems can be flushed with boiling water.
  • All-plastic construction eliminates galvanic action, electrolysis and corrosion in the joint
  • Easy to install by using simple, inexpensive tools. Mechanical joints are mastered by plumbers in minutes; no preheating is required to install the new blue elastolive seal
  • System modifications during installation can be performed without damaging fittings
  • High-quality pipe and fittings are matched to simplify installation and extend long-term reliability
Plenumline™ Mechanical Joint Acid Waste Systems easily displace costly and difficult-toinstall glass and metal systems. With Plenumline, time-consuming methods associated withconventional heavy and brittle systems are replaced by a time-proven mechanical joint that takes only 30 seconds to complete. Once the Plenumline nut is locked in place, the end-user is assured of many years of trouble-free service. In addition, mechanical joint systems can easilybe dismantled and reused, making Plenumline ideal for modular designs and future expansions.