Asahi/America 8" Type-57 IL Lever Butterfly Valve, PVC Body, Polypropylene Disc, Nitrile Seat/Seals, Lever Operation, Molded 316 Stainless Steel Lugs

Item #113873080
  • Standard model has a PVC body and polypropylene disc - PVC and PVDF discs are available
  • EPDM, FKM or Nitrile seats and seals
  • 316 stainless steel stem has full engagement over the entire length of the disc and is a non-wetted part - totally isolated from the media
  • Only sold and abrasion-resistant plastic disc and elastomeric liner are wetted parts
  • ISO bolt circle on top flange - no body or stem modifications require for accessories
  • Stem retainer - polypropylene - to prevent stem removal
  • Seat over tightening protection-molded body stops and seat stress relief area
  • Spherical disc design offers increased Cv, ultimate sealing and high cycle life
  • Plasgear® operators for 3" thru 12" standard
  • 316SS factory lugs
Asahi/America Type-57 IL plastic butterfly valves are quarter turn valves designed for use in applications where 1-side flange removal may be periodically required. They feature a PVC body with fully molded in 316SS threaded lug inserts for connection to the mating flanges. Type-57 IL butterfly valves permit one side flange removal, while maintaining full line pressure on the opposite side. They provide moderate flow control and therefore can be used for both on/off and modulating service. Good tolerance to suspended solids but not recommended for use with slurries or debris. The Type-57 IL butterfly valve is well suited for a wide variety of fluid flow applications. Can be pneumatically or electrically actuated.

IL style (molded) lugged butterfly valves are available in sizes 3" thru 8" (lever), and 3" thru 12" (Gear). Valve sizes 1-1/2 thru 2-1/2 and 14" thru 24" are Non-IL style lugs (machined). Ideal applications for the Type-57 butterfly valve are: Isolation valves, control valves, chemical processing, water treatment, water features, fountains, aquariums, landfills, swimming pools, power plants, mining and transportation.

Body MaterialPVC
ComplianceNSF 61-G Certified
OperatorIL Lever
Options316 Stainless Steel Lugs (Molded)
Seal MaterialNitrile
Seat MaterialNitrile
SeriesIL Lever Type-57
Stem Material316 Stainless Steel
Type of productButterfly Valve